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Metro Video is dedicated to providing the best service and maintenance in the CCTV industry. Our reputation as a top flight service organization is exemplified by our long term relationships with key customers such as Los Angles International Airport, the City of Palm Springs, CALTRANS, San Diego's North County Transit District, United Airlines, the City of Glendale and many more.

Let Metro Video provide you a with a quotation on a customized service and maintenance agreement that will meet your needs and help extend the life of your existing CCTV system. Metro Video specializes in the following areas:

Analog CCTV systems
IP based CCTV systems
Wireless analog CCTV systems
Wireless IP CCTV systems
UTP based CCTV systems
Fiber optic Based CCTV systems
Metro Video Systems has long been a leader in CCTV Service and Maintenance contracts. We have helped many clients extend the life expectancy of their systems by as much as 100%! Clients under contract include:
Ontario International
Van Nuys Airport
Cal Trans
United Airlines
Northwest Airlines
North San Diego County Transit District
US Air
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