The Hollywood Entertainment District Owners Association (“HEDOA”) has offered to donate a first-phase digital wireless video surveillance system for Hollywood Boulevard. The system consists of a complete and operational circuit television surveillance system, including new cameras, lenses, repeaters, digital video recorder, matrix switch, keyboards, and monitors. The donation includes work for all wiring, cable and conduit, fittings and whips, and end-user training for the system.

The system is intended for the sole and exclusive use of the Los Angeles Police Department, and the HEDOA has worked closely with the Los Angeles Police Department in planning the system. The Hollywood Community Police Station will serve as the Head End or "local site." The LAPD believes that the video system will greatly increase public safety.

Five cameras shall be installed on public and private property at the following five intersection in order to optimize north-south and east-west views of the public right-of-way:

a. Hollywood & Vine
b. Hollywood & Cahuenga
c. Hollywood & Whitley
d. Hollywood & Highland
e. Hollywood & Sycamore

In addition, HEDOA has committed to purchasing a maintenance contract for the system upon the expiration of the initial warranty.

Action is needed to accept the donation (estimated value of $103,000 for the equipment and $25,000 for the maintenance contract) and thank the donors.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the Council accept the donation of $103,000 digital wireless video surveillance system and $25,000 maintenance contract from the Hollywood Entertainment District Property Owners Association for use by the Police Department at various locations along Hollywood Boulevard as described in the text of this motion.

I FURTHER MOVE that the Police Department be instructed to record the donated equipment on the Department’s inventory list and to thank the donors on behalf of the City.

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